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Northwest Motor Sales & Service is not your standard motor shop.
We offer a wide range of services to keep your facility running smooth and with minimal down time.

Field Service

Static (Offline) Motor Testing. Our standard testing includes Resistance, Meg-Ohm, polarization index (PI), step voltage, and a surge test. These tests, used together, offer a maintenance professional a complete analysis of electric motor insulation. Single occurrence or trending over time available.

Dynamic (Online) Motor Testing. Our dynamic motor test equipment is capable of separating electrical issues from mechanical issues as well as defining power-related problem areas. Our equipment will provide valuable information regarding incoming power, voltage levels, imbalances and harmonic content. Single occurrence or trending overtime available.

•  Infrared Thermography with Reports, Analysis, & Trending

•  Vibration Analysis with Reports & Trending

•  Motor Installation

•  Laser Alignment of Motors

•  Field Balancing

•  Onsite Mechanical Assistance

•  Onsite Mechanical Cleaning

•  DC Brush Inspection

•  Critical Motor Storage & PM Service

•  Onsite inventory Management

•  Pump Removal & Installation


•  AC & DC Motors

•  Random, Form, & Specialty Winding

•  All 3 Phase Motor Types

•  Engineering and Redesign Resources

•  Electric Motor Testing Report Sent With Each Completed

•  Generator Repair and Onsite Troubleshooting from 75KW to

•  Transformers

•  Pump Rebuilding (Centrifugal &Submersible)

•  Drives

•  Automation Equipment (All Brands)

•  Breaker Testing and Refurbishment

•  Complete Machine Shop

•  Electronic Balancing

•  Hard (Nickel) Plating

•  Welding

•  Sleeving

•  Grinding

•  Complete Pump Rebuilding (All Manufacturers)


Startup Capture for Motor with Weak Groundwall Insulation:  
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